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Travel Notes In Fuzhou:  
Author:  View: 12001 07-05-24 12:38:33

Huang Qi sea

Goes to Huang Qi is this year May Day matter, the goal eats theseafood.
Early heard yellow has the extremely delicious seafood, but theseseafood have two characteristics, one is more and more few, in Fuzhouall blind, the output is small only can the local fisherman and theofficial partner enjoys the luck of having good things to eat. Anotheris originally produces from the nautical mile, certainly notartificially bred, leaves Huang Qidao to change the flavorimmediately.
Under the vehicle Lianjiang, along with about the vanguard which joltsand winds, finally saw the shop full kelp alley, layer upon layer tounder, was yellow .
Huang Qizhen actually said the Jan simple point is a tree, the towncenter on under this tree, here is all information gathers and theplace of origin, the unconstrained uneven stone anode circuitexperiences hundred years wind and rain as if, changes ,all are that the nature, flutters salty including the air in is rank.
Alights already the near noontime, received is eats. Drools with envythe people are too busy to think of appreciate the seashore thescenery, a group dashes about wildly the restaurant, prepared to be person. Has experienced excitedly dumfounded after, on thetable basically is only left over the seafood shell.
Smoked however haven't givens full expression has made the short rest,looked at the sea immediately. Huang Qi sea very blue, very clear,stands in is true to a front, nearly can look the opposite faintislands, a strip silver white sea under, has once deposited howmany stories. The present island has already been cold andstill, in the winding air-raid shelter, the drop running water lonelyhit on the rock, sends out the spooky echo. On island green green andluxuriant, as if diligently is concealing any, bleak artillery emptilyis looking the sky, looks like a blind person not to help but also isdisconsolate.
The dinner time very quick arrived! This time besides ate many somehas been leisurely and carefree. We rely on the window to take a seat,pull open the window blind, suddenly tarried!
Exactly the suitable twilight four gathers, at the beginning of lightson. The narrow narrow harbor suddenly changes mystical and is serene the fishing boat anchors nearby the port, daytime an extremelycommon picture suddenly turned impressionist school writing Paris orAmsterdam, has filled the foreign land character and style. The lightfog vague patrols in the sea level, on the mast the spot light swingsalong with the wave, was called me not to know the body for a while inwhere! I suddenly understood originally I trip of goals should only befor look this kind of picture, such scenery looks like iron fiercelyto burn in mine heart, from this time on again also motions a personto not go. Whenever the dusk approaches, whenever the sea breezeraids, whenever I am disturbed, this picture can float remembered,lets me quietly, lets me be melancholy.
The night quietly has come, in the harbor the mighty waves in slightlyare surging, does not have the answer the question always to linger inmy heart, stabbing pain my heart.
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