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Travel Notes In Fuzhou:  
Author:  View: 11995 07-05-24 13:04:59

Blue Yunshan travel notes

The blue Yunshan waterfall scenic area is located the Fuzhou suburb,goes by car namely. Strolls the scenic area smooth mountain road,everywhere obviously wonderful Shi Guaidong, folds mutually dependson,  the day becomes quite the same as. During, theancient cane old tree, the butterfly bird cry, has the dinosaur time" Plant live fossil " Punctures , was relating as ifto you 100.01 million years vicissitudes great change story, increasesnaturally you to seek novelty the leisure interest.
In in the lionpeak lion play ball, is grand is not deficient mischievously; In theQingfeng hole, often jumps out many monkeys to be elated pursues,depends on adds several minute views. The forest footpath passes place, both sides in mountain . Sounds of people bird soundbrook sound spatial valley echo. But sees the root package of stoneworld first bonsai, contains  is wonderful, unfolds you atpresent. Seeks flows on, Longtan carp deep pool blue Longtan suddenlysees the light; Deep pool blue water, the microwave ripples, goboating in the deep pool, really completely relaxed. Leisurely strollsthe mountain stream, gurgling the brook, gradually enters the happiestextent. The Longtan waterfall, the carp waterfall, the crecent moonwaterfall, thousand waterfalls, the black dragon waterfall, thephoenix tail waterfall, the male victory, rushes the mind.
" Blue cloud marvelous sight view black dragon waterfall "The waterfall dropping variance exceed hundred meters, it flies thewaterfall just like the space to come the water, after three pack ofimpacts, flies the bead to splash the jade, floatingly sprinkles,straight under blue Longtan, splashes the light wave to ripple, thecool feeling straight seeps the bottom of one's heart, between theheart the distracting thoughts all does not have, does not endure todepart. Mounts the blue Yunshan the crater day pond, ten thousandChinese acres prairies above elevation more than 1,000 meters, slopeonly about 25, meadow like  As soon as looks at the numerousmountains fluctuation, the field of vision is open, mays be called onecertainly.
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