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photo of The Yin Ruins Museum
Photo By: Tom
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Located at the Xiaotun Village, Anyang City, He'nan Province, the ruins of the capital city of the late Shang Dynasty are preserved in the Yin Ruins Museum where inscriptions on bones and tortoise shells were discovered in 1899. It is also the birthplace of Chinese archeology, one of the 100 patriotic education centers of China, one of the superior national scenery areas as well as one of the National Key Historic Relic Sites.

The world famous Yin Ruins Palace is of great importance in the history of human civilization. Large amount of bones and tortoise shells with inscriptions, bronze wares, jade and stone wares and other rare cultural relics were found on the ruins of more than 50 majestic palaces here. According to archeologists, “we are excavating a slavery society”. The Yin (Shang) Culture of “three key factors of cities, characters and bronze wares” is “a glorious ancient Chinese civilization”.

Yin ruins covers an area of 24 square km, from family Guo's inlet in eastward to Beixin Village in westward and from family Liu's Village in northward to Houying in southward. It's with the length 6 km and width 5 km. Yin ruins' general layout is concentrated on the Xiaotun's Palace and ancestor's temple area and circling scattered to banks of Huanhe River. All in all, it's an open-styled ancient capital. Nowadays, this area has preserved many ruins such as palace and ancestor's temple, emperors' mausoleum, hougang, tribes, family's graveyards, caverns of oracle, casting bronze vessel, jade making workshop, bone workshop and so on. All of them, foundation of grand palace and ancestor's temple, well-preserved mausoleum, scattered ordinary people's residences, family's graveyards and handicraft's workshops, can epitomize the essence of this unique culture and the fantastic capital city of the shang dynasty.

The Yin Ruins Museum, like an art palace of ancient China culture, inspires and refines our sentiment on Chinese ancient civilization.

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The Yin Ruins Museum
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